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    Did I already share this video with you? This is an RTS classic and my favorite game in the genre. In addition to this review (and the Generals review before it), I also want to share this Command & Conquer Wiki website if you want to learn more about the game's story, the diverse generals factions and which strategies work best.

    I contributed to the place and gave my opinion on them in their talk pages. My favorite generals per faction are as follows: "Pinpoint" Townes for the USA, Tsing Shi Tao for China and Rodall Juhziz for the GLA. I also love "Tigress" Leiong Leang because of how weird and overpowered her faction is.

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  • Ranger-X

    My favorite strategy games

    November 27, 2016 by Ranger-X

    I really like these two games, and I often brag about how much fun they are. I found two great reviews by someone named DWTerminator on YouTube.

    C&C Generals Review

    C&C Generals Zero Hour Review

    He reviewed the whole series here: DWTerminator's C&C videos

    I hope I explained why I love these games so much. :)

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    I know it's a bit early to think about Christmas shopping, but I like to start early. While I set up the decorations and buy the tree, I will be working on my gift list for 2016. I have some great ideas.

    C&C Ultimate Collection Box Art

    The first game will be Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection, which gives players access to all 17 games in the series (from the first C&C game in 1995 to Tiberian Twilight in 2010). I watched a video review of it here: Ultimate Collection Review

    The reason I want this game is so I can play the entire series on newer PCs. Most of them will not work on Windows 7 or newer (I am not sure about Windows 10 either). All of the games are downloads from the Origin website, so only the key code is sold to the player…

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    Or colours for the sake of my European readers. I'm an American citizen, so I spell the word differently. Anyway, there is a reason why I gave the thirteen factions of Zero Hour - fifteen if you count Ironside and Deathstrike as playable - unique colors. Here is a list of the reasons. I also included a table of their names and their faction colors in my mods.

    The USA Factions of Zero Hour

    United States

    Malcolm Granger

    Alexis Alexander

    "Pinpoint" Townes


    1. The basic United States faction is a deep blue because that is its color in the campaign missions. I always pick blue for America because it can symbolize peace and freedom, which is what they desire in the War against the GLA. Also notice that every USA faction in the table has a shade…

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    Since I am still working on the Project-X series and uploading my Generals videos (I haven't forgotten this great game), I want to keep a running list of features for my mod projects. This is going to be a series of four blogs. The first is all 5 USA factions (1 main and four derivatives).

    Note that the bosses will have multiple battle plans, but the player can choose only one of them per game. I learned from Shockwave that the bosses weren't always all-powerful in the series. I believe they used to be specialized, but they earned the right to command the "best of the best".

    Since I am still working on the Project-X series and uploading my Generals videos (I haven't forgotten this great game), I want to keep a running list of features for my…

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