• Shayanomer

    There seems to be confusion about the chronology of the series.

    IMPORTANT: Generals does not count since it is a complete spinoff.

    On with the chronological order of games:

    • Red Alert - Can be seen as a prologue to the series as it shows us Kane.
    • Red Alert 2 - Even though Kane is absent from this game. Yuri shows the Soviet commander a photo of him with Joseph Stalin that was taken possibly during the Second World War. In Renegade, a picture of an Apocalypse tank can be seen in Cairo, inside the Temple of Nod. This highly suggests that Red Alert 2 was part of the series.
    • Tiberian Dawn - First game to feature Tiberium
    • Renegade
    • Tiberian Sun
    • Tiberium Wars
    • Tiberian Twilight

    Red Alert 3 is not part of the series since it was designed as a "what if" game.


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