The Command & Conquer website features a new article, this time on Nod's side of the music of Tiberian Twilight.

I took these initial ideas and created a mock-up using the same video we'd used for GDI, but this time telling the story from NOD's perspective. While I was looking for temp music for the mock-up I listened through to the music Tim Wynn had written for a game you might remember called Tiberium (set in the CnC universe, but never released). Most of it wasn’t in the ball park at all, but there was this one piece with the nickname 'El Scrin' that was exactly the sound we were looking for. It was a musical Frankenstein's monster made out of mangled cello riffs and some very inventive percussion, much of which came from a sort of tricked-out dulcimer that Tim had in his studio.

Link: Sound of Nod

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