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V4 rocket launcher
V4 rocket launcher



V4 "Molot" Rocket



Armour type






Build time


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You've been gain access to V4 Rocket Launchers. Use their superior range wisely.
- USSR Advisor
RA3 V4 Rocket Launcher Icons
The V4 Rocket Launcher, also called the V4, is a powerful long range artillery used by the Soviets during the War of the Three Powers.


Hurry, before we end up like the V3!!
- V4 under attack

The moment that the Soviet Union has accidentally launched a man into outer space while experimenting with intercontinental ballistic missile technology; the nation became the de-facto world leader in rocket science. Even now, Russia and her fellow republics hold this mantle with a firm grip, and continue to develop new ways of mass-producing various types of rockets for a variety of scientific and military purposes. While not all Soviet rocket science has proven to be successful or safe over the past three decades, one Vladivostok-based firm has repeatedly delivered rocket-propelled innovation after innovation. That firm, of course, is Vodnik Rocket Arsenal, best known for its feared V3 Rocket Launcher.

Also built by the Vodnik Rocket Arsenal; the V4 is the successor to the V3 rocket artillery from the Great World War III. This unit is yet another example of Soviet ballistic missile supremacy.

The Soviet military is brimming with specialized, efficiently-designed vehicles, and the V4 Rocket Launcher is a fine example, given its pure focus as a self-powered long-range ballistic rocket platform. Although not suitable for frontline combat, the V4 can send highly destructive missles toward enemy encampments- demolishing just about anything caught in the blast. It takes mere moments for a skilled V4 operator to triangulate the coordinates to the intended target and loose one of the machine's powerful warheads. Unlike previous models, the warheads reach their top velocity quickly and minimize heat signatures such that enemy tracking systems simply cannot acquire a lock on them—at least, not in time. In effect, this means V4 rockets cannot be shot down in mid-flight, so the only sure way to avoid devastation is to prevent a launch outright. A less-optimal solution is to flee the target area. Although the Soviets are working on a tracking version of the Molot Multiwarhead Rocket, current models cannot change trajectory while in flight, nor are the rockets nimble enough to pinpoint flying targets.

As with its predecessors, the V4 is lightly armored, slow to fire, and has a minimum attack range, making it useless as a frontline unit. Additionally, it's missiles lack the ability to strike air units. But nevertheless; it's devastating range, as well as the warhead/s itself make up for this.

The biggest improvement that the V4 has over its predecessor is both the flight mechanism and the speed of the rocket, making a V4's attack uninterceptible. Additionally, the warheads can be set/switched to either cause immense damage to a concentrated area via its V4 Precision Warhead, OR to split apart during reentry in order to blanket an area with explosives via its V4 Multi- Warhead special ability.

It bears mentioning that the V4 Rocket Launcher lacks modern targeting computers, and consequently, the Union demands commensurately laborious certification training from V4 operators. This may be one of the reasons why V4 operators are predominantly women, as Soviet men are always needed on the front straightaway. Recognizing this trend, the Soviet Union created various incentives for women to pass certification for piloting V4s, including exonerating siblings or husbands for war crimes, or providing family stipends in exchange for confirmed enemy kills. These programs are proving quite successful.


RA3 Single Warhead Icons
Precision Warhead

The V4 Rocket Launcher launches a single warhead-tipped missile for concentrated damage/destruction- on a single target.

Perfect for destroying single targets- instantaneously.

RA3 Cluster Missile Icons


Switches the V4 Rocket Launcher to launch a missile armed with cluster warheads, that splits up in mid-flight upon reentry, causing widespread damage against enemy battalions, tank hordes, and densely packed bases and/or garrisons.

Perfect for wide area barrage.

Role in the war

Commencing V4 bombardament! Take this, you Allied dogs!
- Oleg during operation March of the Red Army

In the Allied Campaign; the V4 was last seen in combat duty protecting the Peter and Paul Fortress in Leningrad with its Multi- Warhead special ability (during the operation The Moon shall never have them), but all of them were either destroyed or bribed by the Allies in their drive to destroy the Fortress-converted space shuttle launch facility.

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

In the Soviet Campaign, during the operation March of the Red Army, having made aware of Lissette Hanley's heavily defended outpost, Dasha gave access to the V4 Rocket Launcher and told the Commander to use their superior range wisely - to this end, the Commander did so. It was used in all missions from then on against the Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun; as well as rouge forces loyal to Soviet Premier Anatoly Cherdenko.

In Uprising, they were once again marched to the frontlines- to thwart both Future Tech and EU President Rupert Thornley's plans of complete Soviet Annihilation; in the shadow of the Sigma Harmonizer Experimental Hyperweapon (guised also as Future Tech's Allied Weapons Upgrade Program). And so they did their purpose- zero- tolerance, no survivors, absolute destruction.

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

In the Imperial Campaign, the V4 Launchers proved to be a threat to the Shogun Executioner, especially in superior numbers, during the operations Behold the Mighty Saint of Swords and Crumble Kremlin Crumble, but all of them were destroyed. 

In Uprising, the Imperial forces faced again these ground- based bombardiers- this time, for the Soviets to expand their territory by capturing the islands of Sakhalin and Oki. But in the end, the Empire proved victorious and these bombardiers if not captured for Imperial use- destroyed.


It is reported that Soviet General Nikolai Moskvin mostly uses the V4.

Notes from the field

RA3 Soviet V4

Concept art

Warheads primed!
- V4 Being deployed

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about the V4 Rocket Launcher:

Precision Rocket & Multi- Warheads -- With each rocket launch, the V4 has the option to either: use the Precision Warhead for a concentrated attack which is suitable for single targets, OR switch to using Multi- Warheads for widespread attack, effective against enemy groups or densely- packed bases/structures. The reduced accuracy of the multiwarhead firing mode is offset when multiple V4 Rocket Launchers are deployed and ordered to attack at once.

Extreme firing range -- In spite of the luxurious glass canopy that provides its operator with a panoramic view of the battlefield, the V4 Rocket Launcher's firing range is substantially greater than the human eye can see... all the more reason to use V4s behind frontline forces that can target-spot for it.

Compact design -- The V4 Rocket Launcher's modest dimensions make it small enough to air-lift, especially by one of the Soviet Union's muscular Twinblade combat choppers.

For "Indirect Combat" -- ONLY -- Poor armor as well as minimum attack range and medium speed, means the V4 Rocket Launcher is "still" ill-suited to fend off any enemy force that manages to close the distance. However, it can crush most infantry under its tracks if needed.



  • Can hit most structures and still units with the Precision Rocket
  • Capable of firing at targets indirectly (targets behind mountains), unlike other artilerys
  • Hits multi targets with the Multi-warheads Rocket
  • Perfect Tier 3 unit killer- if accurate
  • Cheaper compared to it's Allied and Imperial counterparts/analogs
  • Unbelievable strength in large numbers with standard and multi-warheads
  • Rockets have an advanced thruster mechanism, allowing the warhead to cruise at speeds untraceable by enemy anti- air batteries and units
  • Splash damage can hit many enemies in the area


  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Light armor
  • Not accurate unlike the Wave Force Artillery
  • Available to Tier 3 only
  • Splash damage can hit friendlies
  • Multi warhead is rather inaccurate and can work only on extremely densely packed enemies
  • Multi warhead is weak against structures, densely packed or not, as well as to moving enemy units



  • V4, standing by!
  • Warheads PRIMED!


  • Mobile rocket launcher!
  • V4!
  • Ready to fire!
  • Platform armed!
  • Safety measures, check!
  • Standing by for coordinates!
  • Commander, sir!


  • Receive!
  • Confirm!
  • Resetting!
  • Positioning!
  • Steady!
  • Yes sir!
  • Understood!
  • Coordinates check!

Attacking with Precision Warhead

  • FIRE!
  • Target set!
  • Fire when ready!
  • Ignition!
  • We got them, sir!
  • Warheads, LAUNCH!

Attacking with Multi-Warhead

  • Area target set!
  • Take the whole area out!
  • Fire the Multi-Warhead!
  • Send the barrage!
  • Dispersion damage checked!

Move to Attack

  • Ready the fire sequence!
  • Target confirm!
  • Prepare for Launch!
  • Ready the platform!
  • Got the coordinates!
  • Setting target range!
  • This is it comrades!
  • Entering launch code!

In combat

  • New target, sir?
  • Again, fire!
  • Re-arm, QUICKLY!
  • We're fully engaged sir!
  • Maintain firing sequence!

Under fire

  • We're taking hits!
  • We're out in the open!
  • They have us targeted!
  • Where is our escort?
  • Damage report!
  • V4 to command! We're under fire!

Behind the Scenes

The V4 rocket launcher could be based on the real-life Soviet OTR-21 Tochka (NATO reporting name is "SS-21 Scarab") a short-range tactical ballistic missile system. In service since 1976 with improvements and modernizations. Russian Federation used these missiles in the Chechen Wars and in the 2008 South Ossetia war. Also, these were confirmned to be used by Ukrainian troops in 2014 against pro-Russian rebels in Donbass.



  • If one looks closely, the rockets are made to resemble sharks.
  • The V4 Rocket Launcher's name is something of a misnomer — the designation "V4" implies it is a successor to the V2 and V3 launchers from Red Alert and Red Alert 2, respectively. However, in the timeline of Red Alert 3, the events of these games never occurred.
    • However, that does not mean there were no V2 or V3 launchers and that does not mean that the Soviets and Allies have only been fighting recently. It is possible they had multiple World Wars that pushed Soviets closer and closer to conquering Europe along with multiple V Rocket Systems. Even if there were no wars, it is perfectly possible the Soviets developed missile technology during peacetime.
  • The versatile compact design of the V4 somewhat resembles the USA's Tomahawk Launcher from Command & Conquer: Generals in both form and function.

See also

RA3 USSR logo Soviet Red Alert 3 Arsenal RA3 USSR logo

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