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RA3 Tengu1sm

The Mecha/Jet Tengu serves as an example of the VX Line.

VX, according to recent intel on WWIII, is the Empire of the Rising Sun's line of transforming military vehicles, influenced by their anime shows, notably Macross and Transformers. The VX Line is, without even a shadow of a doubt, technologically advanced more than the improvised Soviet military vehicles and tested and tried Allied military vehicles.

The VX line consists of the following units:


The VX's Transforming vehicles were based on Transformers (or Macross) because Transformers can turn from Vehicle to Robot mode and back at will.

Also the Terran Viking is similar to the Jet Tengu, as both of them transform between aerial and ground forms (ironically, the Viking is unable to cross water, when in its walker form).

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