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Vacuum Imploder
  • A passive Vacuum Imploder on land
  • A charged Vacuum Imploder on land.
  • A passive Vacuum Imploder on water
  • A charged Vacuum Imploder on water



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Imploder warhead missile

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I got something up my sleeve for you commander. Why don't you come a little closer to my base?
- General Krukov about Vacuum Imploder in The Moon Shall Never Have Them
RA3 Vacuum Imploder Icons

The Vacuum Imploder is a Soviet superweapon in the War of the Three Powers.


When the Soviets went back in time to eliminate Albert Einstein, they accidentally made uncountable and unintended alterations to the Timeline, which had many severe consequences, as the Soviets found out to their cost. Among them was the creation of the Empire of the Rising Sun and the fact that there were no such thing as nuclear weapons in this timeline. Einstein had played a vital part in the development of nuclear technology, with his theories and studies. As such, the Union's finest minds have instead developed and deployed stockpiles of this new superweapon, the Vacuum Imploder, to be the Soviet's main superweapon.

The Vacuum Imploder is the most powerful among the new generation Soviet Superweapons and Support powers, which includes the Desolator Bomb, Magnetic Satellite, and Iron Curtain.

According to recent intel on Soviet WWIII superweapons, the Imploder warhead is mounted on a missile that is launched from a modified warhead silo. Once launched, the missile could not be stopped by any regular means; on "detonation", it creates an artificial singularity that sucks everything inside the epicenter. Once inside the epicenter, every unit that got sucked in, regardless of strength, from the lowliest infantry to the mightiest of ships, planes and tanks, will be instantly and utterly destroyed by this man-made "black hole".
And as for some structures or garrisons (regardless of how lightly or heavily it is armored) within and "outside" the epicenter, the implosion is so powerful- it tears the armor of these structures thus getting severely damaged or completely destroyed in the process. After some time, the singularity collapses on itself - this way ends the damage-dealing process.

It is worth noting that the first reference to this weapon is made during the Soviet assault on the Mykonos nuclear research facility. The engineer in charge of transferring the research data notes that in theory, it could be use to make a "giant vacuum cleaner". This may suggest that the Imploder warhead is a modified nuclear warhead.


Are you ready for doomsday, friend? We will build our superweapons quickly and see who survives!
- Oleg Vodnik, in a place where his Vacuum imploder has a faster countdown

In the end of the GWW 4, at the Siege of Leningrad, General Krukov attempts to use the weapon against Warren Fuller and the Allied Commander *Name Classified*, but fails.

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

In the Soviet Campaign the weapon was first introduced at Easter Island by the now psychotic, Premier Cherdenko against the Soviet Commander and Commander Zhana Agonskaya after he dealt with the Allies but it was destroyed by the commanders' Dreadnoughts. It was later used by the Soviet Commander to attack the last of the Allied forces at Liberty Island in New York and then to destroy the Statue of Liberty itself - and succeeded.

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

In the Empire campaign It was first deployed by Soviet General Nikolai Krukov against the Imperial Commander and Shinzo Nagama, when he was helping Lissete Hanley. However, both Shoguns managed to destroy the weapon before he could use it at any time. Later, in the Siege of Amsterdam, by what appears to be a prototype of the Chronosphere, Dr. Zelinsky "chronoshifted" several Implosion warheads against Imperial fortifications as well as the attacking forces in the area- causing severe damage to both Imperial bases, and the city as well. In order to avert the catastrophic destruction on both bases and the entire city as well , the same commanders in Barbarians at the Bay protected some of their forces with its Nanoswarm Hive defensive superweapon.


RA3 Vacuum Missile Launch Icons
Vacuum Missile Launch Fire a missile that creates an artificial singularity that sucks everything inside the epicenter. Once inside the epicenter, every unit that got sucked in will be instantly and utterly destroyed. It also tears the armor of structures within and "outside" the epicenter, thus getting severely damaged or completely destroyed in the process.


Warning: A Vacuum Imploder has been detected.
- Allied Advisor
  • Should the player use the Vacuum Imploder against a large enemy group, it may be very profitable to activate Cash Bounty military protocol as the victims orbit the singularity before being destroyed (This is similar to using the Magnetic Singularity near a large group of vehicles, followed by Cash Bounty, then the Magnetic Satellite)


  • Similar to Magnetic Satellite, if the singularity is formed while a unit like Sickle or Cryo Legionnaire is jumping, the landing animation is still played, even though the unit itself has been sucked in. A jumping Reaper would still spawned its legless version on the ground.


  • This is the only superweapon that can destroy an MCV or a Giga Fortress in one hit.
  • Units sucked in the singularity can still be sucked out by the Magnetic Satellite.
  • The superweapon can suck up even the Repair drones.
  • Presence of Japan in game is a possible ethical reason for the appearance of Vacuum Imploder instead of the traditional Soviet nuclear missiles, given that Japan is the only country in the real world to have ever suffered an actual nuclear strike.

Behind the Scenes

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