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Vein detonation
CNC4 Vein Detonation Cameo

Nod Support Class


50 SP


Rank 16


Reduces armour and deals damage to enemies

Vein detonation is a support power that detonates a Tiberium vein beneath the ground, which causes a seismic tremor on the surface. It is followed by a release of corrosive Tiberium gas, which reduces armour, slows down enemies and deals massive damage to enemy units.

Despite the fact that both are "corrosive Tiberium" this effect is not the same as, and stacks with, the Marauder's corrosive shells. Detonate a vein, then bring in a couple Marauders, and finally throw in some more damaging units like Salamanders, Basilisks, or Leviathans, and a Nod Commander can quickly kill even an enemy Crawler.

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