Capital City


GDI (full support)

Appears in

Tiberian Dawn (mentioned)
Renegade (mentioned)

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It was briefly mentioned in both Tiberian Dawn and Renegade.

Tiberium Universe

When scientist Ignatio Mobius went to college at the age of 11, he recieved a gentleman's education award at this city's stragetic college in the country. He also won one more of this in Paris, the capital city of France. Vienna was the site of a building, known as the Grain Trade Center. Suddenly, Kane brought in some Terrorists and blew up the whole building to the ground. GDI's council responsed that it's the seventeenth urban bombing that the world's ever heard of. All other major sites in important cities were heavily guarded after the incident. British Prime Minister, Francis Weatherell called the bombing as "troublesome" to the public out cry. The whole city, along with Salzburg and Austria were part of a Yellow Zone by 2042 meaning that Nod is a supporter of the country.

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