RA3 flak trooper icon

Convict holding the flak

You're gonna make me carry this?
- Flak trooper
Vorona Steelshot flak cannon is an anti-air and anti-armor weapon used by Flak troopers during the War of the Three Powers.

Basically it's a shoulder mounted large calibre recoiless rifle with autoloaded magazine in the back and large shield in the front. The shield can be folded for easy hauling.

It fires flak projectiles with proximity fuse ready to detonate in a preset coordinate. The detonation is small, but spread shards of steel that shred enermy aircrafts and vehicles and soon wreck them.


The cannon is similar to the Flak Cannon, however it is smaller modificated version for infantry with only one barell and smaller rate.

Due to its heavy weight it was considered inhumane to give them to ordinary soldiers, so the Soviet Union decided on their use of them by state convicts as part of their punishment.


The cannon looks like the Panzershreck, used by the Germans during World War II. The same Germans designed the Fliegerfaust, a multibarrelled anti-air rocket launcher.

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