SDT-B Vulture Shotgun
CNCR Shotgun Render
Vital statistics
Type Sniper Rifle
Damage 8 pellets x 15
Shrapnel damage type
400 velocity
Range 15 (short)
Mag. size 8
Rate of fire 1/sec
Reload time 3.2 s
MP Faction Both

The powerful, but simple in design and principle SDT-B Vulture pump action shotgun is the basic close quarters combat weapon in Renegade.


Widely used, the Vervack shotgun is an extremely potent weapon in close quarters combat. With a black synthetic stock and rust-resistant finish, it is a potent close combat weapon.[1]

It was useless against structures or heavier tanks, though.

Behind the scenes

  • During the development, the shotgun was totally different, it looked like the grenade launcher, only with a slight model edit.
  • It was based off the AA-12 shotgun during development:

  • Strangely, the Vulture is never featured in the single player story mode.


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  1. Renegade Community Westwoood Renegade Website content mirror

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