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The WP100 Sonic Disruptor was used by Allied Attack dogs during some wars against the Soviet Union. When the Attack dog barks, a sonic disruptor is used by them to target either Soviet, Yuri or Imperial infantry that these dogs are coming to attack them. However in the Canine Combatant Research program created by the Allies for fifty years, most recent graduates of the program now gained for their Attack dog, a new tool which is an adapted version of this weapon in 1986. When the War of Three Powers began, the Attack dog used these along with a Stun Bark to alert enemy infantry. When the research program was thrity-six years old in 1972, the WP100 Sonic Disruptor was used for the Allies' Attack dogs as well. The Soviets didn't use them at all, because this is used on German Shepherds who became the prominent Attack dog of the Third World War and not on Siberian Huskies.

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