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RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
War Miner
RA2 War Miner



Resource collector


Machine gun (Cannon when elite)





Tech level


Hit points


Armour type






Build time


Produced by

Soviet War factory


Soviet Ore refinery

Ground attack
  • 30 (HARVWH)
  • 50 (when elite) (HowitzerWH)

20 (50 when elite)



Attack range

5,5 (5,75 when elite)

Sight range



Soviet Ore Refinery


Immune to mind control

Elite upgrade

Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, self-healing


A free War miner comes with each Soviet Ore refinery

Building Soviet economy!
- Miner
RA2 War Miner Icons
RA2 War Miner Veteran Icons

The War Miner was the basic resource gatherer used by the Soviet Union used during the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


Soviet military analysts saw a major problem with the Ore Truck used during Second World War. It had been easy for the Allies to overwhelm the Ore trucks with small groups of infantry wielding anti-tank weapons. Other than trying to run them down, which wasn't often successful if they were spread out, it had no defensive capabilities. To counter this, the new War miner was equipped with a machine gun to fight off enemy infantry and rogue Terror drones. However, it still does not have a decent defense against tanks, especially the German Tank Destroyer. Airstrike is another omen the miner should avoid.

Game unit

Only requiring the placement of a machine gun, the War miner has lots of allotted space to stow ore. Superiority in metallurgy science also makes the Soviet able to make more use of the material usually considered unnecessary. This difference benefits the Soviets, as their War miner can carry home up to 1000 credits (or 2000 if the miner was placed on a gem field). However, it is much slower than its Allied counterpart, the Chrono miner.

A good raiding strategy is to build your army with War miners and Prism tanks against Yuri's Forces, together they can easily wipe out a base. Use the War miners to distract all Yuri's Gattling cannons and Gattling tanks, as they're resistant to all forms of mind controlling, while Allied Prism tanks take everything down.

War miners have a lot of health but are slow and have low attack power, so use them in groups.

When elite, its machine gun upgrades into a powerful auto-cannon which is effective against tanks, infantry, and structures, and can easily ward off a squadron of GIs or Initiates, especially if it finds the firepower, armour and speed upgrade crates. Like all heavy vehicles, it can also crush enemy infantry by driving over them.

War Miners can be effective assassination tool against soldiers with mind-control ability, as they're resistant to all forms of mind controlling; this includes Yuri Prime.

In general, War miners make better distracting units than Rhino tanks due to their much higher health. Because of this they are less vulnerable to Prism tanks and other splash damage, and are much harder to kill.


After Soviet time travel that led to the War of the Three Powers, it was replaced by the amphibious Soviet Ore Collector. This ore collector had no weapons, but could enable a strong shield around itself. However, the Imperial ore collector can protect itself in the same fashion as the War miner with its kinetic burst gun.



  • Armed, while the Allied Chrono Miner is not.
  • Can carry the double amount of ore ($1000) and gems ($2000) than the Chrono Miner.
  • Kills infantry with ease.
  • Heavily armoured.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Deals an appreciative amount of damage to most light vehicles rapidly.
  • Costs $1050 if an Industrial Plant is constructed (like the Soviet Ore Refinery, which will be $1650).
  • Immune to mind-control and radiation, making it able to kill Yuri Clones and Desolators.
  • Better armor than Allied Robot Tanks against Yuri's mind control ability.
  • When elite, it fires a cannon similar to Tank Destroyer, but not as effective against vehicles, only infantry.
  • Can self-repair.


  • Can not deal with large vehicle groups due to their low attack power, unless massed in large groups.
  • Still vulnerable to aerial attacks.
  • Slower income due to no teleporting ability.
  • Due to its slow speed, it can not outrun all vehicles.
  • Overwhelming Terror Drones are still a threat though gun can shoot them down only once.
  • Its machine gun is useless against structures, unless gaining firepower upgrade. Any defensive structure can kill them without trouble (especially Combined power of multiple Prism Towers can kill it with one shot).
  • Tank Destroyers can pierce its armor.
  • Frequent target to large numbers of basic tanks and anti-armor infantries.
  • Very vulnerable to all hit-and-run attacks from faster and longer-ranged units.
  • Can be especially susceptible to be crushed by a Battle Fortress due to the predictable nature of their movement when collecting ore.
  • Cannot outrange advanced defensive structures like Psychic Towers, Prism Towers, and Tesla Coils.
  • Magnetrons can be an annoyance to mass War Miner raids against Yuri's forces, as War Miners cannot attack them unless they enter Magnetron's 3-tile blind spot.

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Selected Quotes

War miner here
- When selected
Pride of the working class!
- When selected
Building Soviet economy!
- When selected
We are armed!
- When selected
Relocating operations
- When moving and return to refinery
At once, comrade!
- When moving and return to refinery
For Soviet people
- When moving and return to refinery
Serving the cause
- When moving and return to refinery
Da, comrade general
- When moving and return to refinery
Equal share for everyone
- When ordered to harvest
Let's keep the ore moving
- When ordered to harvest
Da, we will need that!
- When ordered to harvest
Looks like good place to mine
- When ordered to harvest
On the attack
- When ordered to attack
Protect the ore!
- When ordered to attack
Take them out!
- When ordered to attack
They pose a threat!
- When ordered to attack
This will show them!
- When ordered to attack



The War Miners in the mod Mental Omega (V. 3.0) are redesigned to resemble the miner used in the concept art.

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