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For more uses see: Wave-Force.

Wave-Force technology was developed by the Empire of the Rising Sun prior to the Third World War. It was used as the basis for a number of munitions.


WaveForceArtillery RA3 Art1

The Wave Force Artillery is a deadly long range unit

Wave-Force devices work by harmonizing the waveforms of heavy particles. The particles resonate as they align and release energy. The energy may be channelled into to produce an energy beam.[1]

Wave-Force weapons require infrequent recharging and no bulky ammunition. However, they are maintenance intensive, require delicate and banks of complex electronics, large power sources, and intricate filtration systems.[1]


Wave-Force was reportedly inspired by an Imperial anthem. The basic technology existed in labs for years before the first practical weapon was developed by Kanegawa Industries.[1]


The phrase "Wave Force", and the characteristics of the Wave Force Artillery, are homages to the Wave-Motion Gun from Space Battleship Yamato. .

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