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10% more effective Workers

ZH Gameicon
ZH Gameicon
Can I have some shoes?
- Worker, before the upgrade Worker Shoes

Worker shoes are an upgrade for the GLA Worker, increasing their overall effectiveness with 10% by giving them shoes, meaning that they build 10% faster, walk 10% faster and collect 10% more.


Thank you for the new shoes
- Worker, after receiving the shoes

Workers only take $75 and deliver $83 after the upgrade.

Behind the scenes

Originally intended to be included in Generals without Zero Hour, the many changes to the GLA just before release meant that the upgrade was left out. The remnants of this upgrade were still present however, as the workers still asked for shoes. Ultimately this created an ironic situation where some would consider the worker shoes upgrade present in Zero Hour a pun on the quote, not realizing it wasn't originally meant as such.[1]


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