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The Wormhole power is available to the Scrin and the Traveler-59 sect, so long as they have a Signal Transmitter built on the battlefield. When activated, the Foreman designates two points on the battlefield which are then connected by a sub-space wormhole. Units ordered to enter one of these points will be instantly transported to the other. However, enemy forces can also use the Wormhole. This wormhole lasts for 25 seconds before collapsing. This power costs $2000 to use and has a 4:00 cooldown timer.

It is also used in Global Conquest, where this global support power requires a Threshold Tower in order to be used. It has a longer range than the regular Wormhole (in fact, worldwide) and the power itself costs nothing (though using one to transport a strike force costs 1000 credits).


  • For unknown reasons, possibly logic errors in coding, the Wormholes also connects to the Subway Entrance, thus, any units garrisoning in the subway system can be ordered to exit from a Wormhole.
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