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Xiao Ri
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Asia-Pacific Alliance


1 star Major General

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Second GLA War


Classic General

Wiki The following is based on Command & Conquer (Generals 2) cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Xiao "Taskmaster" Ri is an APA general that appeared in the canncelled Command & Conquer (Generals 2). He was the basic general for the APA faction.


Xiao Ri is the foremost General in the armies of the Asia-Pacific Alliance. He is an experienced military leader who rose to prominence during the First GLA War, leading the occupation and pacification of a GLA-blighted Europe. In peacetime, Xiao became a key figure in the formation of the Asia-Pacific Alliance, suppressing dissent, driving rebels from APA lands and keeping peace at any cost. His actions allowed the initially fragile coalition to solidify into a global superpower it is today.



Base Defense

Support Powers



  • It maybe possible that Taskmaster was the player general of first Generals and Zero Hour Chinese campaigns.
  • The Chinese characters "亚太联盟少将" (meaning Asia-Pacific Alliance Major General) are visible on his suit. That means he is a 1-star Chinese General, because the general military ranks of former/current socialist countries is slightly different from the Western ones, for example:
    • In Socialist countries:
      • 1-star: Major General (少将, Thiếu tướng, literally means "Junior General")
      • 2-star: Lieutenant General (中将, Trung tướng, literally means "Medium General")
      • 3-star: Colonel General (上将, Thượng tướng, literally means "High General". This is the higest rank in the current China PR)
      • 4-star: Army General (大将, Đại tướng, literally means "Great General". Not available in current China PR)
      • 5-star: Marshal (元帥, Nguyên soái, not available in current China PR and Vietnam. It existed in China PR from 1955 to 1965.)
    • In Western countries:
      • 1-star: Brigandier General (准将, Chuẩn tướng, literally means "Standard General")
      • 2-star: Major General (少将, Thiếu tướng)
      • 3-star: Lieutenant General (中将, Trung tướng)
      • 4-star: Army General (大将, Đại tướng)
      • 5-star: Marshal (統制, Thống chế) in Europe, or General of the Army (統将, Thống tướng) in the US and former South Vietnam.
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