25px-Disambig This article is about the Tiberian Dawn unit. For the Generals unit, see Raptor (Generals).
F-22 CC1 Cine1

USA, Nod


Air-superiority fighter

The YF-22 was a prototype air-superiority fighter developed in the United States. Several fell into the hands of Nod (likely through clandestine means as part of the scandal between the organization and several US defense contractors) during the First Tiberium War and consequently saw combat against GDI YF-23 Black Widow‎‎.

It was primarily an air superiority fighter and rarely operated close to the troops on the ground; later Nod would develop the Banshee, a VTOL fighter versatile enough for ground attack roles, although it is not known if and/or how it would displace the YF-22s in service.

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