Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed
Unit Unlocked

Mirage Tank


1 vs 1


No Match for the Guardian


Be Quick or Be Dead

Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed is the thirty-seventh Commander's Challenge mission in its mode. In a venegance to the defeat of Douglas Hill, Lydia Winters steps up to defeat the Commander of FutureTech. The Mirage Tank was brought to FutureTech despite the Soviet conquest of Europe in World War III which destroyed all of France. The Futuretech Commander wants it to research the tank before the Soviets invaded the continent and how his organisation survived in the Netherlands, along with Denmark and Great Britain as the last Allied nation before Ride of the Red Menace by General Krukov. This comes before Be Quick or Be Dead where Douglas Hill returns.


The FutureTech armed forces have decided that another of their technology is used in the area. They have sent their Commander down to Chile to get the technology which is a Mirage tank from Lydia Winters who has a base there. The Commander is told to take extra caution with infantry because they will burn them if the human personnel gets too close to nearly one of them. The Futuretech Commander races through the snow, crushing Lydia's base and she is defeated with the Mirage tank firmly sitting in his own hands. He takes the tank straight back to The Netherlands so that the scientists there will experiment with their ultimate vehicle.

Briefing Information


Best faction: Empire of the Rising Sun or Soviet, Allied is last.

This is the hardest challenge for you to go under the par time as you have to complete it under 4:00 but you have an advantage that you start with 100k credit as your disposal.

EotRS: RS has very high chace to finish this mission as you have very low built time and RS has very high damage infantry. So, ASAP build 4 (or more) dojo and deploy them near enemy base becaution that Lydia have already have a base and she will attack you with high tech toys, but fear not, no bases can stand against 50+ Tankbuster rush. And you have to build a generator to power your base. While training up your army, unpack your MCV and rush it to Lydia's base, it will draw her fire and keep your troop safe, don't worry if it get destroyed. Now after 2:00 has past, you have rush your enemy with every thing you have, this take almost 2:00 left of you but if you quick, you will find a nice gold star.

Soviet: their infrantry is quick to build and have a very powerful secondary arsenal. Don't think, just build a reactor and 4 barrack. Build Conscript, for the first barrack and switch 10 of them to use monotov and the rest use assault rifle. Build Flak trooper for the other 3 barrack and make all ot them use mine. Rush your MCV "IN FRONT OF" your troop so it can crush all the tank and draw enemy fire. Finish of their base and enjoy your victory.

Allied: playing allied means you don't want to past par time but if you want a challenge: Peacekeeper's rush.


The title of this mission is a reference to the Warcraft game series. Where the phrase "Our goldmine has collapsed" is spoken by the advisor once the player's goldmine has been depleted.

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