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Yuriko Matsui
Yuriko Omega
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Empire of the Rising Sun

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War of the Three Powers, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising



Thought is dangerous; lack of thought, deadly!
- Yuriko
RA3 Yuriko Omega Icons
Yuriko Omega
  • On land
  • On water

Empire of the Rising Sun


Psionic Commando

  • Psychokinesis
  • Neurokinetic Booster-Braids[1]
  • Straitjacket
  • Tailored jacket w/ Imperial crest[1]
  • Immaculate footwear


Build time


Produced by

Instant Dojo


Recent reports reveal that the Empire's Psionic commando unit is a psionic warrior by the name of Yuriko Omega (an assumed codename; Some sourctes claim her real name to be Yuriko Matsui). The first contact that the Western powers had with this psychic was when a pod of dolphins was virtually wiped out at Kyushu; the surviving animal bringing the Allies disturbing video footage of this unique young woman.

Intel suggests that Yuriko was the sole survivor of a brutal program - the Omega Program, to be precise - held in the Shiro Sanitarium, a private military firm that seeks to decrease the Empire's reliance on high technology with a literally living weapon. It is unknown what effect the Sanitarium's program had on Yuriko's mental state, though she appears dehumanized. Whatever occurred, Yuriko possesses immense power; not fully understood by science.

Her powers are monstrous, and one recently dismissed Allied commander lost an entire army and a naval detachment while engaging her. More disconcertingly, it appears she did this with no assistance at all from other Imperial units. Rumors suggest that even the Empire is afraid of her ability.

Yuriko Omega's abilities seem to affect all units at the same rate; an Apocalypse tank would be destroyed as fast as a Conscript. Therefore, strategists suggests the best way to neutralize Yuriko is with masses of expendable units. Be aware, however, that she allegedly can send out a Psychokinetic Burst similar to Yuri, sending any enemy infantry flying. Additionally, she is always levitating, allowing her to rapidly traverse any terrain.


I knew it would come to this.
- Yuriko
RA3Uprising YurikoCamp1sm

Recon footage of Yuriko's escape from the Shiro Sanitarium

According to recovered intel concerning her perspective, her real name was Yuriko Matsui, and she was born in the coastal town of Tanabe, Wakayama. She exhibited psionic potential ever since her childhood (such as once psychokinetically lifting a cat at home) and was shunned by her peers because of it. Her abilities made her the ideal candidate for the Empire's psionic research programs, therefore, she and her "sister", Izumi, were taken away to the Shiro Sanitarium by Dr. Shinji Shimada as an end to exploit her psionic talent in the Omega Program, hence her military codename "Omega". She was dehumanized by the traumatic training process - to quote Brenda Snow, News3 Anchorwoman, "she was never the same again".

Yuriko did not, however, know Izumi yet, but she would be her psionic guide during her so-called insurrection, along with her game-changing Psionic Talents.

Before the War of the Three Powers began, Yuriko was imprisoned in the Shiro Sanitarium, with a straightjacket and without her levitating power. She was telepathically awakened in her cell by her sister, Izumi. Yuriko thus accesses computer terminals and assimilates information about her psionic powers, giving her the means to defend herself and plot her escape. Unfortunately, Yuriko's jailbreak attempt from the Sanitarium is short-lived, as she is eventually caught by Rocket Angels with their Paralysis whips and returned to her cell - years later, however, Yuriko was called into active duty by the beginning of WWIII.

Deployment HistoryEdit

She was seen only once, when the Allies make their final siege on Tokyo, codename Forever Sets the Sun - and thanks to the Allied Commander, her clones' final battle. It has been revealed that Yuriko did survive the events of Operation "To Tame a Living God"/"Forever Sets the Sun" in the twilight of the War, as a joint Allied-Soviet invasion force struck Tokyo, Japan, albeit knocked unconscious in the charred remains of the Emperor's Imperial Palace, and was imprisoned by her Allied captors into complete isolation in a maximum security detention facility somewhere in the jungles of Guam, along with Soviet and fellow Imperial detainees.

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

In the Soviet perspective she was seen twice - in Operation "Circus of Treachery", being killed by the Sickles and the Orbital Drop ability, and the Battle of Mt. Fuji, codename To Tame a Living God, destroying the Soviets strongest tank, the Apocalypse Tank, but none of her clones survived - all thanks to Natasha and the Soviet Commander.

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

- Yuriko, warning approaching enemies

In the Imperial perspective of World War III, apparently two Yurikos (possibly both clones) and several King Onis, along with a host of the Imperial Army, were seen holding off the joint Allied-Soviet assault at Tokyo, capital city of Japan and the Empire of the Rising Sun. Both Yurikos proved themselves efficient and deadly with their Psionics. In Operation "The Last Red Blossom Trembled", she was last seen in action destroying the Allied Outpost. Although it is likely she was killed in the blast caused by Zelinsky's superweapon, the Imperials are yet to confirm or deny her status, meaning she is MIA.

The UprisingEdit

See what you've done?!!!
- Yuriko, losing her temper

Awakening to find herself in the time after the fall of the Empire of the Rising Sun, apprehended and sentenced to cryo-containment in an Allied detention facility, Camp Dakota, in Guam to show everyone on Earth her psionic reign of terror is at an end, Yuriko wipes the entire facility off the face of the map in a well-planned jailbreak by her will alone, releasing all prisoners from both Soviet and Imperial forces in the process, and makes her way out to the sea in order to lay waste to an Allied Fleet.

Afterward, Yuriko returns to the re-constructed Shiro Sanitarium, the very Sanitarium she was raised in and where the Omega Program took place, to find and kill the one scientist directly responsible for processing her psionic powers all these years, and free her "sister" Izumi, who has been telepathically guiding her every action ever since all this started...

All was not as it seems, though, as Izumi, thinking that she is more powerful than her sister and therefore the superior of the Matsui sisters, made an attempt on Yuriko's life, resulting in an all-out psionic battle between the two sisters, Yuriko terminating Izumi and her Shinobi "psi-goons".

I've been through Hell to find you!
- Yuriko, after defeating her sister Izumi


After her trials and tribulations were over, according to recently revealed and declassified security footage outside the Sanitarium at the end of the Uprising, Yuriko has mastered how to conceal her psionic powers and stares at a nighttime cityscape of Tokyo, Japan, outside Shiro Sanitarium, intent to fade into obscurity and, should chances prove correct, history, with only one question left unanswered in her sharpened mind:

What do I do now?
- Yuriko's thought in her mind

During her escape from the Allied Detention Center, Yuriko was disgusted at Allied-American propagandists for discrediting Crown Prince Tatsu. Yuriko expressed her gratitude towards the son of Yoshiro who made her a fine psionic combative person - the finest who ever lives to this day. Yuriko may attempt to release Tatsu (assuming he is captured and not at large) from the Allied prison in occupied Japan.


Red Alert 3Edit

RA3 Psychokinetic Burst Icons

RA3U Psychokinetic Burst Icons
Psychokinetic Burst Yuriko has the ability to unleash a burst of raw psionic power which knocks down and instantly kills all nearby enemy infantry. (Stuns vehicles and structures in Uprising during her campaign)


Psychic DominationEdit

RA3U Psychic Domination 1 Icons

RA3U Psychic Domination 2 Icons

RA3U Psychic Domination 3 Icons
Psychic Domination Takes over the minds of infantry, including Rocket Angels, and turns them to her side.

Psionic ShieldEdit

RA3U Psionic Shield Icons

RA3U Psionic Shield 2 Icons

RA3U Psionic Shield 3 Icons
Psionic Shield Deflects all attacks on Yuriko back at the offending unit(s). However, it can only maintain itself for a short time, and will disappear eventually.

Psionic SlamEdit

RA3U Telekinetic Slam 1 Icons

RA3U Telekinetic Slam 2 Icons

RA3U Telekinetic Slam 3 Icons
Psionic Slam Picks up objects like tables, boxes, or her enemies, and throw them around (which usually results in death). She can make vehicles smash into each other and destroy them. She can also throw infantry at opposing forces, even ones under her control.

Notes from the FieldEdit

- Yuriko, resorting to one final solution: psionic destruction

Evidence is mounting that the Empire of the Rising Sun had deployed the nigh-unstoppable commando who resembles nothing more than a sullen young woman returning home from school with a disappointing report-card. She was first discovered by the Allies by an elite school of Allied dolphins patrolling off the coast of Kyushu. Only one returned, visibly shaken, with a smattering of reportedly "unwatchable" recorded evidence of this woman's destructive power. This woman has the estimated combat potential of an entire military company, using no obvious means or weapons. As absurd as this may seem, it is believed that this woman favors psionic powers over the conventional weapons that all other soldiers use. The number of military tacticians laughing away such an outlandish theory is rapidly decreasing as news of the Empire of the Rising Sun's newfangled army continues to spread.

Records of the exact origins of this Yuriko Omega are either highly classified or may not even exist. What is known, however, is that she must be the rumored survivor of an intensive program conducted by the Shiro Sanitarium, a private paramilitary R&D firm seeking alternatives to Japan's increasing dependence on high technology in its military affairs. That program must have been dehumanizing to the say the least, yet the results seem self-evident: Yuriko appears to have powers that can best be described as monstrous. Her mind has been "sharpened" to such an edge that it can cut through entire squads seemingly at her whim. How exactly this power is manifest, or what effect such powers must have on this woman's psyche, is also unknown.

After an initial encounter with Yuriko Omega, an Allied commander who has since been discharged sought to probe her combat abilities using the majority of an entire military company including, but not limited, to: 10 Peacekeepers, six Javelin Soldiers, four Guardian Tanks, three Cryocopters, two Assault Destroyers, and an Aircraft Carrier. Amazingly, not one of these forces returned from the encounter, even though Yuriko Omega was said to be alone, out of range of other Imperial forces. Most of Allied high command deemed this to be some sort of perfectly-orchestrated trap. A small few insist that Yuriko Omega alone was responsible.

Extreme caution is advised when engaging Yuriko Omega, or anyone resembling her. Look for evidence of psychic ability such as levitation, telekinesis, mind-reading, ESP, psychokinetic burst, etc.

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about Yuriko Omega:

• The power of the mind—Yuriko needs no conventional weapons, for her mind is more than enough. She may levitate and crush the largest tank; topple the most firmly-rooted structure; cast aside entire infantry platoons; and drag the most stubborn aircraft down into the ground.

• Levitation—As if to flaunt her psychic ability, Yuriko appears never to resort to normal-human means of locomotion. Instead, she hovers aloft roughly a meter off the ground. Apart from being impressive, this means she can traverse land and sea with equal disregard and speed.

• Psychokinetic burst—In theory, a platoon of trained soldiers should be capable of overwhelming Yuriko Omega. In practice, Yuriko Omega seems able to occasionally channel massive amounts of psionic energy into some sort of attack that sends men flying as if from an incredible explosion, sparing friendly infantry in the process.

Powers and Abilities/WeaknessEdit

Pros Cons
  • Matchless in a one-on-one fight
  • Toughest of the 3 Commandos
  • Special Ability effective against large groups of infantry
  • Can take down any aircraft in one shot
  • Can quickly destroy even the toughest units or buildings
  • Can quickly wipe out an entire defended base with weakened defenses.
  • Enemies cannot attack while in being lifted by her.
  • Yuriko can counter the enemy numbers by lifting all of them in the air and killing them one by one safely
  • No Empire AI warnings of her loss (this has been changed in Uprising, where the AI will say "We've lost Yuriko.")
  • Vulnerable to Tesla-based and Spectrum-Based foes
  • Weak against large numbers of anything Anti-Infantry (especially Sickles, Terror Drones and Riptide ACVs)
  • Vulnerable to Desolator Attacks
  • Long recharge time for special ability
  • Can only attack one target at a time.
  • Expensive ($2000)
  • Despite the fact that she can bring down any aircraft, 2-3 of Soviet Twinblades will take care of her easily
  • Groups of War Bears or Attack are a nightmare.
  • Need an insane amount of micro in order to explore her full potential.
Who is this young girl? Where did she come from and how did she develop these fearsome and fantastic abilities?
- Brenda Snow talking about Yuriko


It's my turn!
- Yuriko, turning the tables on her aggressors

Being the end result of the program held at the Shiro Sanitarium, Yuriko is an exceptionally powerful psychic, and has a great many powers to prove it during the Real WWIII. For example, in seconds, she can psychokinetically lift her designated target and rip it to shreds. If the target is an Aircraft, she psychokinetically brings it down. If outnumbered, her Psychokinetic Burst ability can send enemy troopers in the blast area flying, sparing friendly infantry in the process.

Note that in normal game, both in Red Alert III and the Uprising, these "additions" to Yuriko's arsenal is somehow unavailable to be used by the controlling commander. Yuriko is only able to exhibit three traits of psychics/psionics: levitation, psychic attack (i.e. levitating her enemy/ies to death), and psychic blast. This may be related to Dr. Shiro's effort to brainwash Yuriko after the failed break from Shiro Sanitarium. Allied cryo beam cannons employed in camp Dakota seems have a side effect of restoring her memory.


Why do they always want to hurt me!
- Yuriko under attack

Her Psychokinetic Burst ability; while powerful, takes a very long time to recharge. More detrimental to its ability, however, is the burst's short range: the blast has a maximum effective radius shorter than a Conscript's range. This factor render continuous attack with massive infantry killer/s like Terror Drone or Shinobi quite effective.

Powerful base defenses, such as the Tesla Coil, the Spectrum Towers and Wave Force Towers are highly effective against Yuriko.

Yuriko can target only a single foe at once, and requires a certain period of time to destroy the enemy (unlike Tanya and Natasha, both of which destroy infantry almost instantly). This time does not vary with the strength of the unit, meaning that a Mirage Tank will take as long to destroy as a Peacekeeper. For this reason Yuriko is relatively ineffective at destroying large number of small, inexpensive targets such as infantry or terror drones.

I'm hurt!
- Yuriko critically injured

Unlike the Allies' Tanya and the Soviets' Natasha, the Suki AI will not say "We've lost Yuriko" when Yuriko falls in battle, unlike with Tanya or Natasha, the Empire sees her loss as nothing more than a necessary sacrifice for the fulfilment of the Destiny. This is another reason why she is filled with hatred for everyone. Another reason might be that they consider her as expendable as an ordinary Infantry unit, possibly because of the rumoured hidden Yuriko clones. However, by the time of the Uprising, the AI can - and will - recognize Yuriko's bio-signature termination, and should that ever happen. The Yuriko clones is confirmed in a certain Commander's Challenge mission only.

Selected QuotesEdit


Izumi, my sister, I have failed you. I'm sorry.
- Mission failure in Yuriko campaign
I've been kept here like an animal… I just have to bring this place to the ground.
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre
Shimada can wait… I have to tear this place apart first.
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre Right after being freed
I should free all the prisoners. They know what it's like…
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre, thinking that the prisoners can help her in laying waste to the prison camp
These lasers hit hard, I need to use my Psionic Shield.
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre, After being hit by the Spectrum Towers
Is that a Soviet's Desolator Trooper? He might come in handy.
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre, noticing the frozen Desolator Trooper
So these guys are from FutureTech's hired main guns? The Allies are buy their military muscle now…?
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre, After recovering data from a computer terminal, noticing that those are FutureTech's Allied forces
Allied propaganda demonizing the Crown Prince Tatsu, If not for the Prince, I might never have been born… for better or worse.
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre, After recovering data from a computer terminal, showing Yuriko's gratitude towards the Prince
I'm finished here. It's time to return to the Empire of the Rising Sun, I've gotta score to settle.
- Operation: The Traceless Massacre, When mission accomplished
Izumi, I'm coming!
- Operation: Ruin and Reunion, Entering the Sanitarium
He's blowing up the elevator… I need to find another one.
- Operation: Ruin and Reunion, when first elevator is destroyed
Shimada! I'll kill you! And bring down this entire facility!
- Operation: Ruin and Reunion, attacking to Dr. Shimada
After all I've done for you!
- Operation: Ruin and Reunion, fighting against Izumi


  • I'll been waiting for this!
  • My name is Yuriko!
  • Are you my friend?


  • They'll fear me yet!
  • They'll all pay!
  • Now look at me…
  • They underestimate my power!
  • They don't know what it's like…


  • Where is everybody?
  • My mind is made up!
  • Anywhere but here…
  • I'm not some freak!
  • Does it matter?
  • I'm above 'em!
  • Is it time for recess?

Garrisoning StructureEdit

  • I'll need my time alone!
  • I'll be in my room!
  • I'm going in there!


  • It's my turn!
  • They asked for this!
  • That's enough!
  • You!
  • Yurusenai! (Japanese for "I won't forgive you!")
  • Korosu! (Japanese for "I will kill you!")

Use Psychokinetic BurstEdit

  • Go away!
  • Die!
  • coros

Move to AttackEdit

  • They will suffer!
  • Will they play with me?
  • Let's see what they have to say!
  • They won't bother us anymore!
  • They are nobody!
  • I'll hate them!
  • My mind is made up!

In combatEdit

  • They will all be destroyed!
  • They brought this upon themselves!
  • I knew it would come to this
  • See what you've done?!!!
  • Don't come near me!
  • Hihihi...!

Under fireEdit

  • They try to stop me!
  • Get away from me!
  • You think you can hurt me?
  • Baka yarō! (Japanese for "Stupid bastard!")
  • Why do they always want to hurt me!

Low on healthEdit

  • Agh! I'm losing my strength
  • I'm hurt!
  • Please, make them stop!
  • I'm bleeding!




My name is Yuriko.
- Yuriko, reporting for duty
  • It is of note that the suffix "-ko" (子) in the name Yuriko denotes "child" in Japanese, referencing a possible connection to fellow psychic commando Yuri. (Yuri-ko, 百合子, "daughter of Yuri") However, this is an as-of-yet unsubstantiated claim, which has been denied by EALA during production of Uprising. That aside, Yuriko is a relatively common name in Japan (translating, roughly, to "Daughter of the Lillies"), and its use may be purely symbolic, or in fact, coincidental. and Yuri is a Russian character although his name is also common in Japan as well. Still, the thought of Yuri and Yuriko working in unison is, at best, unthinkable.
  • The Soviet Badger bombers can be brought down by her if she is garrisoned. She can also bring down the Allied Artemis bombers if she is out of the way.
Yuriko clone

Yuriko clone on one of the Empire's Psionic Decimator

  • Although said to be the only one of her kind, if one looks closely at the Psionic Decimator superweapon, it has chambers with what appears to be Yuriko Clones inside. It is possible that they give the Psionic Decimator it's power.
  • Yuriko is portrayed by Lisa Tamashiro.
  • In Red Alert 3, her Psychokinetic burst ability look like a Empire national flag, while in Uprising, her Psychokinetic burst looks like a growing shield.
  • Also, original Yuriko when using the Psychokinetic burst near any vehicle, including aircraft, she will freeze it for a short period of time. This ability, however, has never been seen in any of her clones.
  • Yuriko wears a pair of pink panties under her skirt, which can be seen if she is killed while moving; her body will fall forward, landing heavily on her front, while her legs are thrown up high and spread wide apart, exposing her panties.
  • She is the first commando in the entire Command and Conquer franchise capable of taking on air units and be exceptionally good at it (as the commandos in the previous games are helpless against such units).


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