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I just love these types of missions but I wonder. Are we the Cheese or the Trap?
- Zhana
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Zhana Agonskaya (Russian: Жанна Агонская) is a Soviet Air Force general during War of the Three Powers.


I am Zhana, Comrade. My squadrons are at your beck and call and will sacrifice all for the glory of the revolution!
- Zhana, to her co-commander

Zhana is a Soviet Commander with preference towards air units, having worked in the Soviet Air Force and the Soviet Intelligence. She is a true Soviet loyalist, who boasts about having the most loyal units in the Motherland.


I am defeated and at your mercy. Though I wouldn't expect less from one such as you.
- Commander Zhana

Zhana was conscripted into the Soviet Union's air force at a young age and immediately distinguished herself as a brilliant pilot, leader and devoted patriot. Eventually reaching the rank of commander, many pilots across the union seek transfer under her command.[1]

It is said that each of her pilots can single-handedly take down ten enemy planes. A strict and skilled commander, she will execute any subordinate who fails to meet her standards. She is therefore feared but at the same time greatly respected by her troops.

Zhana personifies the Soviet airforce. In fact, her picture appears on propaganda posters all over the Union. It is said that after she came into command of the Air Force many more young men have joined than ever before.

The beautiful and elegant Zhana has a casual tone to treat adversaries with a minimum of respect. Although charming her methods are lethal for her opponents.

Role in the War

She is the rival of Commander Giles, an Allied Air Force General.

In the Allied Campaign she, like other Soviet commanders at one time, worked together with the Allies to stop the Imperial menace - destroying the Empire's Floating Fortress in North Sea (operation The Unfathomable Fortress). Surprisingly, Zhana devotes herself entirely to the achievement of the military objectives. She treats equally the Allied Commander which is a trait not shared by other Soviet Generals.

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.

In the Soviet Campaign, Zhana helped commander *Name Classified* to take back the city of Vladivostok from the Empire of the Rising Sun and destroy Tatsu's palace in there during operation Taking back Ice-Harbor. Showing great skills and remarkable courage, Zhana defends the Union to the last of her men. Her competence was greatly appreciated since she was selected to lead the attack against Tatsu himself. Then she assisted the capture the Allied Lab on Mykonos (against Warren). The first step of the mission went well, She and the Soviet Hero killed the Allies Commander and take control of the Lab. They then defend it (against Giles) during operation (The Science of War).

When the Union needed her to lay a trap for Field Marshal Bringham, she and the Soviet General established an elaborate ambush to deplete the Allies troops. Bringham and his surviving officers are forced to capitulate before Zhana and the Soviet General. Following the brutal demise of the Allies High Command, the Premier turns on them. It is unknown what impact it had upon her considering her incredible loyalty to the state and the people. She survived Premier Cherdenko's betrayal on Easter Island and helped the commander *Name Classified* to destroy the Premier's Volcano fortress there (operation The Stone-Faced Witnesses). Cherdenko was never confirmed to have died but Zhana nonetheless felt it was a huge victory for the people and was confident that the General would be a more suitable leader to overlook the Russian people. It is assumed, Zhana was promoted for her efforts and triumph.

RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun campaign for Red Alert 3 and contradicts canon sources.
I have studied your dossier and I know your tricks. Do not be so foolish to think you know mine.
- Commander Zhana

In the Imperial Campaign she hated Kenji and the Imperial Commander for their attack on her home in Stalingrad and retaliated with Apocalypse Tanks during Imperial operation To Conquer Shattered Spirits. Unfortunately, she was defeated. Although the Shogun and Kenji buried her, the great loyalties of Zhana for the Union did not wane.

The Uprising

Zhana did not see service during the Uprising. Her whereabouts during the conflict were never disclosed.


Zhana prefers using air power to overwhelm her enemies.

She sends waves of Twinblades and MiGs as well as Kirov airships to punish her enemies.

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  1. Red Alert 3 loading screen

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