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Zone may refer to:

Tiberium Universe

Region Classifications

  • Regions on Earth designated as one of three Zones by GDI prior to 2047 based on levels of Tiberium contamination.
    • Red Zone: unhealthy, Tiberium-infested area which is unhealthy for non-mutated humans. Fell under the control of the Tiberium-based Scrins in the Third Tiberium War.
    • Yellow Zone: War-torn, largely Nod-controlled territories, moderately-infested by Tiberium.
    • Blue Zone: GDI-controlled areas, largely unscathed by Tiberium contamination.


  • ZOCOM: Zone Operations Command, GDI's elite anti-Tiberium subfaction, in possession of a MARV which can turn Yellow Zones and even Red Zones into Blue Zones within seconds.


  • Tiberium Wars Units
    • Zone Troopers: GDI's Heavy Infantry units that can rip tanks apart.
    • Zone Raiders: ZOCOM-exclusive Infantry that is effective against most targets, but not Black Hand troopers

Generals Universe

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