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KW gameicon
KW gameicon
Zone Raider
  • Basic
  • Upgrade with Scanner pack



Recon / support infantry


Dual SAM launchers
Sonic grenade launcher


Zone Armour



Hit points

240 per squad member

Armour type

Heavy (5% Cannon, 25% Rocket, 75% Grenade, 100% Gun, 100% Sniper)





Build time


Produced by



Tech Center



Squad size


Ground attack

250 per squad member (Cannon)

Air attack

100 per rocket (Rocket)

  • 2,2 seconds (ground)
  • 3,1 seconds (air)


Attack range
  • 310 (ground)
  • 300 (air)

CNCTW Scanner Packs Cameo Scanner Packs
CNCTW Power Packs Cameo Power Packs


CNCTW Jetpacks Cameo Jetpack
CNCTW GDI Call for Transport Cameo Call for transport

We can handle it!
- Zone Raider
CNCKW Zone Raider Cameo
KW Zone Raider Symbol

Zone Raiders are an elite GDI infantry class, utilizing a heavily modified variant of the standard Zone Trooper armor. Interestingly, Zone Raider squads consist only of women. ZOCOM's R&D developed their power armor with a "bikini style" chest plating with this in mind.


Zone Raiders are equipped with dual shoulder-mounted anti-air rocket pods and a specialized cannon, designed to fire rocket-propelled sonic grenades. These shells are a unique ordnance that release a massive burst of sonic energy upon impact. As such, these grenades are useful for removing Tiberium, which allows them to participate in reclamation projects. Because they don't deal direct damage like the Zone Troopers' railguns, they can't kill enemy infantry as quickly and are next to useless against vehicles, but have a wide area of effect.

With their weapon's massive area of effect, Zone Raiders excel at eliminating large groups of enemy infantry, and enjoy the same level of immunity from Tiberium and enemy tanks as the standard Zone Trooper. Thanks to their anti-air rockets, Zone Raiders have some defense against enemy aircraft, while Zone Troopers would be helpless against a Venom or Stormrider. That must have caused GDI to rethink the trooper class. Also, like the Zone Troopers, the Zone Raiders are especially vulnerable against anti-infantry specialists, such as the Nod Shadow Team, Black Hand, and Scrin Buzzers; rogue GDI Sniper Teams can also decimate them easily from a distance.

The Zone Troopers' power armor was designed with flexibility and survivability, to be independent and able to deal with any type of enemy. Unlike the bulky Zone Troopers' armor, the Raiders' armor is slimmer, with narrower shoulder pads, scaled down gauntlets, and form-hugging body armor. Jump jets have also been integrated, necessary to travel through the vast ruins of the Red Zones. Armor can be upgraded with Scanner Packs, useful for detecting ambushes, and Power Packs, which are essential for in-field healing. Additionally, they are able to call for an Ox transport when needed. Furthermore, Drop pods can also deploy Zone Raider veterans from orbit.

Zone Raiders are deployed under GDIUP Zone Operations Command, and have been in service for an unknown period of time. Originally, the Raiders were concieved with the idea of working with the Zone Troopers; instead, they became ZOCOM's ZT force.


CNCTW Jetpacks Cameo
Jetpack Allow Zone Raider to take flight, clearing large amounts of terrain in a single jump to land at a targeted destination. This activated ability has a 10 second cooldown (Ctrl+S).
CNCTW GDI Call for Transport Cameo
Call for transport Calls in a V-35 Ox to carry the Zone Raider anywhere on the map (Ctrl+A).


CNCTW Scanner Packs Cameo
Scanner Packs Provides Zone Raider with a 20% range and line of sight bonus while also allowing them to detect stealth (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at any Command Post for $500 and takes 0:15 to research.
CNCTW Power Packs Cameo
Power Packs Makes Zone Raider considerably more durable by adding 50% more hit points and also confers self-healing (Ctrl+D). Purchasable at any Armory for $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.


While Zone Raiders and Zone Troopers use the same armour, it is interesting to note the effects of the Nod Cloaking Field on the two. While the Zone Troopers gain heavy damage and may lose one or two members of the squad, the same power will wipe out an entire squad of Zone Raiders, because of a bug that causes sub-faction heavy infantry to take more damage from Cloaking Field. The Zone Raider is the only female combat unit in the GDI arsenal. When garrisoning Hammerhead, it become an excellent all-rounder unit, able to takedown ground and air units smoothly.



  • Can hit aircraft
  • Can detect stealth when upgraded scanner packs; scanner pack increases its range significantly
  • Decent survivability when upgraded with power packs
  • Do significant splash damage
  • Effective against grou vehicles, buildings and light infantries
  • Immune to Tiberium, like Zone Troopers
  • Can be transported quickly and anywhere on the battlefield using drop pods
  • Devastating when garrisoned into Hammerheads
  • Can use Jetpacks
  • Immune to suppression, unless facing T3 heavy vehicles, epic units, Scorpion Tanks/Reckoners with Dozer Blades
  • ZOCOM has arguably the best M.A.R.V among GDI factions, due to raider squad garrisoning


  • Not cost effective against nearly all anti-infantry units and structures
  • Like Mammoth Tank's missiles, it is not very effective against aircrafts (especially Scrin Devastator Warships and Planetary Assault Carriers)
  • Not accurate when it comes to firing on fast-moving targets, such as Buzzers
  • Dozer Bladed Scorpion Tanks and Reckoners can run them over
  • Vulnerable to anti-air damage while using Jetpack; Jetpack needs to cool down after each use, and Zone Raiders will "freeze" for a couple of seconds after landing
  • Expensive to train
  • Low survivability when used as an infantry; more often seen as a garrisoning unit into M.A.R.V or Hammerhead



  • Zone Raider!
  • Ready for service!
  • Up and at 'em!


  • At your service!
  • Let's get in there!
  • Raider squad ready!
  • Ready for Zone ops!
  • Yeah, what you want?


  • Let's keep going!
  • Raiders on the move!
  • Run silent!
  • Sure thing!
  • You got it, pals!

Jump Jets

  • Mark!
  • Jump jet engage!
  • Let do it!
  • Punch it!

Garrisoning Structure

  • Going in!
  • Inside, let go!
  • Let's get in there!


  • Break 'em down!
  • Let's clean up this place!
  • Take 'em down!
  • Target acquired!
  • Targeting sonics!

Move to Attack

  • At 'em gals!
  • Watch your six!

In combat

  • Holding steady!
  • This won't last long!
  • We can handle it!
  • Let's mock 'em up!


  • Retreating!
  • Beginning tactical retreat!
  • If you say so!

When suppressed

  • Down!
  • Cover, cover!
  • Watch out!

When deploying Drop Pods

  • Mark!



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